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  • What is Hutchinson EFTPOS?
    EFTPOS stands for Electronic Fund Transfer and Point of Sales. This is very much needed during this pandemic period since it’s a cashless and contactless method.
  • How does Hutchinson EFTPOS work?
    It’s a link between your client’s bank account and your bank account, Hutchinson EFTPOS transfers funds from the card holder’s account (debit or credit) and deposits those funds into your merchant account.
  • What benefit will I get from Hutchinson EFTPOS?
    Hutchinson EFTPOS reduces the amount of time your staff will spend counting every penny on the cash register. It also reduces the risk of your store being robbed since your business is cashless.
  • How will Hutchinson EFTPOS help my business?
    People don’t carry large amount of money while shopping, so having a Hutchinson EFTPOS facility will help your staff and client transact easily. Hutchinson EFTPOS eliminates the hassle of the client having to withdraw money before buying at your store. Advantages of having a Hutchinson EFTPOS There are a lot of advantages of having a Hutchinson EFTPOS in your business. Aside from the benefit and help that I have mentioned above, you also get: Flexibility of transacting with your client, Hutchinson EFTPOS allows you to receive payment anywhere you are without you being at risk of carrying large amount of cash. Dispute avoidance - since it automatically creates proof of payment, your staff won’t waste time writing receipts. Fast transaction, you just tap the card, the client enters his/her PIN and voila! You’re good to go. Safe and low risk of burglary, no money can be stolen if it’s a cashless transaction. Convenience on your client’s side as well as yours.
  • Is the Hutchinson EFTPOS wired or wireless?
    We have both Fixed Powered Hutchinson EFTPOS machine which is connected to the power supply and we also have Mobile Hutchinson EFTPOS which you can bring anywhere and charge it’s battery once needed, you can choose from the two.
  • How do we install Hutchinson EFTPOS?
    We install it for you, you don’t have to worry about it. We are not just here during the sale, we are looking forward to a long term successful business solution.
  • What is Hutchinson POS?
    POS stands for Point of Sales. We take as much pride in the quality of our hardware as we do in our software. We source only the best quality product that will work for you time and time again to ensure that your POS system is running at its most efficient. Our hardware consists of terminals, printers, scales, scanners and more depending on your requirements.
  • How does Hutchinson POS work?
    A Hutchinson POS system is a cashless transaction from your client to your business and is able to keep track of sales and print receipts. It may sound simple but the set-up will depend on whether you have an online store, physical store or both. POS system was referred to the cash register at a store.
  • What benefit will I get from Hutchinson POS?
    One of the benefits of having a Hutchinson POS system is that it gives you a good overview of your business and automatically keeps cash flow record. Another benefit is your inventory status, Hutchinson POS saves information about your financial status. Also, product range data can be easily found.
  • How will Hutchinson POS help my business?
    A Hutchinson POS system helps with operational improvements such as reducing waiting time, faster scanning of items, faster payment transaction and many more. These will give your client a better service and tend to be a regular client.
  • How do we install Hutchinson POS?
    We install it for you, you don’t have to worry about it. We are not just here during the sale, we are looking forward to a long term successful business solution. Advantages of having a Hutchinson POS You can get a lot of advantages of having a Hutchinson POS system in your business, aside from the help and benefit I mentioned above, you can also take advantage of: Giving your customer a great experience. Transaction can be faster with Hutchinson POS system. ⦁ Better security of company’s data. Only authorized users can access your company data. ⦁ Better employee management. Optimizing employee’s schedule can be easier with a Hutchinson POS system. ⦁ Better company organization. ⦁ Productivity comes with being well organized. You got it with Hutchinson POS system. ⦁ Designed To Perform. Although there are many POS terminals on the market, this terminal is the result of customer feedback on what is required to make a terminal work for you, by exceeding all expectations. Fast and responsive, it's able to be used in high-pressure environments to get the job done quickly! ⦁ Well Positioned. Whether you need your terminal to be upright and angled for multiple users, or you have a small space and the requirements are for a shorter terminal, this one meets your needs. With the ability to offer many different configurations to staff members of any height, your staff will be able to comfortably be able to perform at their best. ⦁ Peripheral Friendly. Not only can you use the combination RFID and Card Reader, but you have the option to connect many more required devices such as scanners, printer, consoles and more. Up to 6 USB 2.0 ports, 3 Serial ports and an additional VGA power enabled port. No matter what is required to connect to the terminal, it's possible! ⦁ Ease of Access. While it's wonderful to have a working terminal 100% of the time, every now and again something can go wrong. Being able to quickly change the most likely culprit is a huge advantage. The HDD can easily be replaced in a matter of minutes, and upgrading the CMOS battery also takes a little bit longer. Hopefully you never have need of these features. ⦁ Robust Construction. With a full metal base attached securely to the terminal, it will remain sturdy through repeated use. The large heavy base allows for the terminal to withstand accident bumps which could damage machines using moulded plastic bases. The base is able to be removed for attachment to a VESA mount.
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